Different Types and Styles in Office Partitions

The business has become the backbone of the economy in the world today. A good business needs a well-structured office which should have a decent impression. This impression has led to an increase in office partitions in the industry of office fit-out and design.

Office partitions are creating a decent workspace which is productive enough to the kind of business operated. The partition can be temporary or permanent and should fit in rooms of any dimension.

In this article, you are going to have different types and styles on how to have an office partition for your taste.

Wood and Timber in Office Partitions

Are you looking for that traditional look in your office partition? Then timber/wood is the right material for you which also brings out that sense of warmth and natural design.

Timber has been there for a long time in office fit-out and industry this is because it can easily be cut into shapes and designs as required.

Timber partitions can be found in different finishes like solid wood and sometimes depending on your needs it can come in veneer finished.

You can also venture in non-load bearing timber partitions. These come with a variety of timber faced trims, door frames, glazing sections and skirting making it easy to demount in any position in the office.

Timber partitioning has the following advantages.

  • It’s not restricted when it comes to full wood.
  • It can blend well with glazing for brightness in the room.
  • The systems used are capable of creating a soundproof environment.

One of the biggest disadvantages of timber, when used in the office partition, is fire safety. When doing the office portion always make sure to include fire safety measures.

Different Types and Styles in Office Partitions

Aluminium in Office Partition

Aluminium is said to be one of the most durable systems of office partitioning available today. It has great flexibility when installing and just like timber, it offers demounting and relocating if the need arises.

Aluminium is available in solid units, this makes it easy to install whether you are using part or full glazing in the office partition. You can also decide to powder coat the frames and at the same time cover the joints with aluminium cover trims.

Aluminium, when paired with integral blinds, gives a stylish finish. This creates a variety of finishes and styles depending on your taste and design.

Glass in Office Partition

Modern offices are now opting to use Glass office partitions as it gives that modern touch. Most structures for business set up are now skyscrapers which have glass-fronted offices and give that aesthetically pleasing. These are a good attraction to potential customers.

Glazing goes hand in hand with technology as you can print on them your business logos and branding of theme colours to the partitions.

Some of the benefits of office partitioning are as follows.

  • Cost friendly. This will save you more money as compared to dividing the office with solid and permanent walls.
  • The office partitions create a private area for meetings.
  • Aesthetics, beauty and stylish designs
  • No one wants to work in a dark and dull place. Office partitions create more natural light to penetrate through.


Office partitions are one of the ways you can bring life to your business. The office is the centralised hub for the business and requires a perfect reception and appearance. With the above information, you can now have a perfect start for your office partition to more improved productivity.